Sunday, October 08, 2006

I knew you'd come back...


I apologize for the long delay in updating this. It has been crazy with Dad starting his new job, looking for a house, and learning a new city. Richmond seems to be a nice place, and I don't know if we will be leaving anytime soon now that Dad found a Taco Bell that sells Chili Cheese Burritos. Hopefully once we move into our house things will quiet down some. It is rough when at less than two months old, I am about to live in my third place.

I have been keeping busy over the last 6 weeks with a numberof different projects. Just your average stuff like holding my head up, grasping things, and creating a prepetual motion machine. The days do get long so I have come up with some great games to play like seeing how many diapers I can get Mom and Dad to put on me in a 20 min time span, seeing how long I can keep Dad from eating his food while it's hot, and the most early can I get my parents up each morning.

Good news, I may have finally found an occupation.

Would you like sprinkles with that?

Here are some pics of me hanging out around the house and getting ready for football games. It gets old being somebody's dress up doll, but at least I look good doing it. I will try to do better keeping things updated. Good night and Good Luck

Prince Logan