Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trip to Sesame Place Post #2

The 2nd day!
Mommy, Daddy, Eden, Ethan, Elijah, Pop, and Uncle Ryan rode the roller coaster. Mommy wasn't too sure about riding it, but Eden said she would hold Mommy's hand and ride in the same car. Mommy did not like it at all--she tried not to squeeze Eden's hand too hard!
Snack: Evan, Eden, Logan, Elijah, Ethan, Kayley
Mommy and Aunt Lola took Elijah and Kayley on the carousel while all the others went on other rides.
Abby Cadabby Treasure Hunt show. So fun!
Logan and Kayley on Sesame Street
Sesame Street Rock Around the Block Parade.
Most of the characters went by the kids...they loved it
Ernie took Ethan's hat and put it on his nose. The kids all laughed so much!
After the parade, we went to a store while Uncle Ryan and Daddy stayed with Evan and Kayley who both were taking naps in the strollers. Cookie Monster came right by the bench where we were so the kids quickly got in line to get their picture taken with him!
Pop Monster, Cookie Monster, and Nana Monster
Then we saw a line forming across the street to see Ernie and Bert so we quickly ran to get in that line. Ethan had picked out an Ernie doll and Logan a Bert doll so they liked getting their picture taken with the big Bert and Ernie! Bert took Logan's hat and put it on his nose which they thought was very funny!
Mommy and Aunt Lola wanted their picture taken too!
Aunt Lola, Elijah, Mommy, Kayley, Ethan, Logan, Eden, and Evan on Sesame Street
After all the picture taking, Kayley was still asleep! Daddy had told her if she took a nap he would take her on some more things so she grabbed her blanket, closed her eyes, and went right to sleep!
One of the shops
When Kayley woke up, we all went on the carousel again
We got to meet Abby Cadabby--Eden and Kayley were going to get their picture taken together but Kayley wouldn't let Mommy put her down so she stayed in the picture
The boys with Abby

Mommy go to be in the picture with Elmo too
Kayley helping carry the backpack
The last thing the kids did before we left the park---Ernie's Bed Bounce. So much fun. Logan, Ethan, Kayley, and Elijah went in together...Eden went in with the older kids on their turn.
After popcorn, a drink, and seeing the beginning of the parade again, we headed back to the hotel. The kids all played with their Sesame Street dolls. So cute!
The next morning, after breakfast, the kids stood in line for the painting and balloon people. Logan and Ethan both got Abby Cadabby on their arms...when we told the man painting them that the boys were doing that, he said it was because Abby Cadabby's cute.

Eden got Barkley
Kayley got The Count
A sword for Elijah, cat for Kayley, dog for Eden, helicopter for Logan, and an Elmo hat for Ethan
We packed up the car and headed out when we were ready. We had so much fun at Sesame Place and are so glad we got to go with cousins and family!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip to Sesame Place Post #1

The Wednesday after Logan's birthday, we left for Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. We left mid-morning and got to the hotel late afternoon. Elijah and Kayley helped Daddy push the cart inside.
After lugging all of our stuff to our rooms on the 2nd floor (there wasn't an elevator!), Logan and Elijah decided to cool off.
We had an adjoining room with Aunt Lola, and Nana/Pop were right down the hall. We ordered pizza for dinner, and while we waited for it to be delivered, we went out to the playground.
After playing and eating, it was time to get ready for bed. It was also time for Pop and Aunt Lola to go pick up Uncle Ryan from the Philadelphia airport. In the morning, we all went downstairs to eat breakfast.
After breakfast, in the lobby, there was face painting and a balloon artist. The kids did that, we got ready, and we were off to Sesame Place! This is one of the displays we saw in the parking lot when we got there.
We parked and had lunch in the back of the Pilot.
We did the water rides this day because it was supposed to be cooler the next. Kayley didn't care too much for the water stuff but Logan did the water slides on Count's Castle. He liked them until he went too fast on one and tipped over/got water all over his head. He was a brave boy and tried it again after Daddy told him how to sit to go slower on it. We were so proud of him!
Kayley decided to hang out with Pop, Nana, and Evan sweet :) Daddy, Logan, Eden, Uncle Ryan
We went on Big Bird's Rambling River. Kayley and Evan got very sleepy and fell asleep when we got back to the strollers.
Slimy's Chutes--Logan went down with Daddy and really liked this ride
Next, they all went on the Sky Splash which held several people in an inner tube. Logan did not like that at all. Afterwards, the kids tried to figure out where they wanted to go next.
Mommy and Aunt Lola did as well!

After a few more water rides, some of which Logan did not like at all, we waited to go see the Elmo's World show. Kayley entertained us while we waited.
Elmo's World!
What a fun day! We went home and after we got dinner, the kids found extra energy they had stored up somewhere and played for a bit. We put all the kids to bed in Aunt Lola's room so the big people could still hang out! We couldn't wait to see what fun we would have the next day!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Family here for the week!

Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle T went back home Sunday morning. The rest of the crew stayed for the week. We spent Sunday-Wednesday morning here and then left to go to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.
Mommy, Aunt Lola, Nana
We went to church Sunday morning. Logan and Ethan were in the same class. Elijah and Kayley were in the same class too.
5 Guys to eat for lunch after church
Sunday was Puppy Brown Ears Ragland's birthday. He wanted a Little Einsteins birthday also. We all sat in the playroom and wore party hats. We sang him Happy Birthday and then Logan opened presents for him that he bought Puppy with his own money!
Evan spent time in the pack n play each day since he is so active! Kayley would visit him:)

Cousins playing
Each night, they would all sit on the air mattresses while they got inflated. Eden, Logan, Evan, Kayley, Ethan, Elijah
Aunt Lola and Kayley
Watching Logan's new movie A Bug's Life
Lots of fun having them here!!