Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Weekend

Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle T came to visit Easter weekend.  Grandma brought lots of presents.  Home Depot apron--
A toy box with a surprise in it
Logan really wants hippos at our zoo so he got his very own hippo
Logan enjoyed watching Grandpa, Daddy, and Uncle T put on a new screen door
Logan liked when Grandma would come to get him up after naps
Kayley loves Uncle T
He had to finish feeding Kayley her bottle several times when she quit eating for anyone else and wanted Uncle T!
Coloring Easter eggs

Green hands--Grandma had to work to get them clean!
Enjoying cake batter from the bunny cake we made
Mommy tried to get a picture with Logan and the cake but Logan decided to eat it instead
Can't go long without reading books...
Logan filled all our baskets with grass and we left them for the Easter Bunny.  Logan left him a note "Dear Easter Bunny, Thanks for being the Easter Bunny"
Logan woke up the next morning and said "Lets see if the Easter Bunny came"

Logan got trains from the Easter Bunny

After church, there was an egg hunt.  The Easter Bunny was there
They had a field divided into 3 different age groups and had eggs all over the ground.  Then a helicopter came and dumped a whole bunch more!

Kayley was very cold and tired but Grandpa took care of her
While we were at church, the Easter Bunny came back and hid eggs all over our house

Easter lunch

Fun and an Easter Egg Hunt with Friends

Logan decided to try riding like this while we were at Home Depot.
Kayley trying to get Daddy's Cherry Coke
Logan gave Rompy a bottle and then shared his sippy cup
Logan loves to do 24 piece floor puzzles now.
This is an outfit that Eden wore when she was a baby. 
Kayley discovered the Tupperware cabinet in the kitchen
We went to Addisyn's apartment's playground last week.  Ms. Carrie had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  They all loved it.

Peter, Lydia, Addisyn, Cameron, Logan, Kayley

Kayley found an egg :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Library and Sunny Day Fun

Last weekend, Mommy took Logan for his 1st visit to the Library.  He was in heaven!! He would pull out a book and say "This one?!"

Logan got his very own library card
I think we ended up with 28 books! We didn't even make it through half of the kids section but Mommy couldn't carry anymore!
We had a nice sunny/windy day on Sunday.  Kayley tried the sandbox for the 1st time...she liked trying to eat the sand more than playing in it!
Mommy and Logan made a train cake
Kayley loves to suck on oranges--also grapes and strawberries

Finally a windy day so Daddy and Logan flew a kite

Nice day for a bike ride too.  Kayley's first ride.
Logan rode his bike. He has recently learned to peddle and loves to ride his bike.