Saturday, November 20, 2010

Logan's field trip

Logan's class went on a field trip the end of September to Rockwood Nature Center. Mommy was able to go with Logan and his friend Hayden while Hayden's mommy watched Kayley! She took Kayley and Davis to the mall play center. Everyone had a lot of fun. First they sat and learned some things about fall and nature. Logan was very outgoing--raising his hand and answering questions, telling was cute.
One of the "stories" he told was about acorns. He told the lady that he and Daddy picked a lot in the back yard and he and Kayley play with them. They put them in the sandbox and the bucket but it rained one day and they had to dump the bucket out b/c it was full of water. Now they are all over the deck.
Nature hunt
Hayden and Logan
The Nature Center---bees. There is a small tube that leads to outside where the bees can come in and out of.
Afterwards, the class had a snack at the playground and then played for a little while!
Ms Heather met us at the playground and Kayley was very happy she got to play.

Virginia State Fair

Logan loved the State Fair so much last year that we decided to go again this year!
Looking at the giant pumpkins
Trying out the tractors
Daddy, Kayley, Logan

Baby chickens!
Logan rode a lot of rides this year! Some he liked, others he did this one
Loved the alligator ride
Preparing for the Navy
"Let us in!"
Kayley got to ride for free...but Daddy had to go on many of the rides with her
Construction workers

Logan loved this slide last year and wanted to go on it over and over again. This year, once was enough
Elephant ear! Not nearly as good as the Shepherd Maple Syrup Elephant Ears
Logan finally got to ride in a banana car!
Big rope/slide thing
We had a fun time...except for the major headaches Mommy and Daddy got. Mommy's was so bad that she decided to skip seeing the horses on the way out!

Trip to Yorktown Beach

One weekend in September, Grandma came to see us and we all went to Yorktown Beach about 1 hour away from us. Logan and Kayley were super excited!
Taking all the toys to the beach
Grandma and Kayley
Family picture
Playing in the sand
Kayley trying to take the wagon for a swim
Mommy liked playing in the sand with Kayley
Horse back ride on Daddy
Lost at sea...
Grandma, Logan, and Kayley
Another family picture
We took a walk down the beach and sat on the pier where there were a lot of people fishing!
Nap on the beach
When we were done at the beach, we took the free trolley ride. The kids loved it! They thought it was like riding on Trolley from Mr. Rogers!
Thanks Grandma for taking us to the beach!!

Week of Firsts

While Grandma was here, Logan had his first day of school. He had such a great day--so much fun, loves his teachers, and loves having his friends Owen, Addisyn, and Hayden in his class.
When we got home, Grandma started working with Kayley on potty training. She has kind of been training herself but Grandma helped her really get it down! Logan showed her the little potty she was going to be using before we took him to school.

Big girl panties for Kayley!
After a week of working with Grandma, Kayley was pretty much trained! She has an accident occasionally, but she is doing great. We still put her in pull-ups when we go out just in case since she is so young! Thanks Grandma for your patience, attention, and mini-m&ms!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trip to Sesame Place Post #2

The 2nd day!
Mommy, Daddy, Eden, Ethan, Elijah, Pop, and Uncle Ryan rode the roller coaster. Mommy wasn't too sure about riding it, but Eden said she would hold Mommy's hand and ride in the same car. Mommy did not like it at all--she tried not to squeeze Eden's hand too hard!
Snack: Evan, Eden, Logan, Elijah, Ethan, Kayley
Mommy and Aunt Lola took Elijah and Kayley on the carousel while all the others went on other rides.
Abby Cadabby Treasure Hunt show. So fun!
Logan and Kayley on Sesame Street
Sesame Street Rock Around the Block Parade.
Most of the characters went by the kids...they loved it
Ernie took Ethan's hat and put it on his nose. The kids all laughed so much!
After the parade, we went to a store while Uncle Ryan and Daddy stayed with Evan and Kayley who both were taking naps in the strollers. Cookie Monster came right by the bench where we were so the kids quickly got in line to get their picture taken with him!
Pop Monster, Cookie Monster, and Nana Monster
Then we saw a line forming across the street to see Ernie and Bert so we quickly ran to get in that line. Ethan had picked out an Ernie doll and Logan a Bert doll so they liked getting their picture taken with the big Bert and Ernie! Bert took Logan's hat and put it on his nose which they thought was very funny!
Mommy and Aunt Lola wanted their picture taken too!
Aunt Lola, Elijah, Mommy, Kayley, Ethan, Logan, Eden, and Evan on Sesame Street
After all the picture taking, Kayley was still asleep! Daddy had told her if she took a nap he would take her on some more things so she grabbed her blanket, closed her eyes, and went right to sleep!
One of the shops
When Kayley woke up, we all went on the carousel again
We got to meet Abby Cadabby--Eden and Kayley were going to get their picture taken together but Kayley wouldn't let Mommy put her down so she stayed in the picture
The boys with Abby

Mommy go to be in the picture with Elmo too
Kayley helping carry the backpack
The last thing the kids did before we left the park---Ernie's Bed Bounce. So much fun. Logan, Ethan, Kayley, and Elijah went in together...Eden went in with the older kids on their turn.
After popcorn, a drink, and seeing the beginning of the parade again, we headed back to the hotel. The kids all played with their Sesame Street dolls. So cute!
The next morning, after breakfast, the kids stood in line for the painting and balloon people. Logan and Ethan both got Abby Cadabby on their arms...when we told the man painting them that the boys were doing that, he said it was because Abby Cadabby's cute.

Eden got Barkley
Kayley got The Count
A sword for Elijah, cat for Kayley, dog for Eden, helicopter for Logan, and an Elmo hat for Ethan
We packed up the car and headed out when we were ready. We had so much fun at Sesame Place and are so glad we got to go with cousins and family!