Monday, August 27, 2012

August Beach Trip

We decided to fit in one last beach trip before we move to Chicago while Grandma was visiting. 
It was rainy when we got there but we decided to go play anyway.
Hunter loved the sand.  He only ate a tiny bit, we were impressed!
I can't figure out how to rotate this now, but here is Grandma playing with Hunter
Logan, Daddy, and Kayley
Michael gets Daddy of the Year award for taking his kids out in the water when it was super rainy.  They loved it.
Mommy and Hunter
We ate lunch under the beach umbrella while it was raining hard.  Hunter kept trying to go out in the rain!
Near the end, we were the only ones on the beach in the rain!


Hunter loves to sit in the grocery cart. Thankfully, he has not fallen out yet!
Kayley and her friend Caroline 
Hunter and Logan
The kids cuddling Mommy
Hunter loves to do this now
Kayley feeding Hunter some scrambled eggs
Logan flying on Mommy
One day, we got the tents out and the kids got out every single stuffed animal in the house and filled the tents with them.

Grandma came to visit for Logan's birthday.  She brought Kayley's birthday presents and we had a little party the night she got here!

Yummy cupcakes
Playing on the trampoline for the first time
The kids with Grandma
Kayley "taking tight rope lessons"
At the mall with Grandma


The 4th of July

Making our own fireworks
Fireworks at night
Love his fish face
Super girl Kayley showing Mommy she is strong enough to pick up Hunter

The girls in dresses
Kayley's birthday
Friend party at Inflation Nation
Hunter's first time down the slide
Logan helping out 
Cupcake time!
Ben, Addisyn, Caroline (standing), Logan, Kayley, Davis, Camrynn, Hayden, and Hunter
Daddy took her to Build a Bear and Kayley made Rainbow Bear.  He goes everywhere with her now.
Cake time at home
Mommy and the birthday girl (4 yrs old!)
One day, Logan came out of the playroom dressed like this!
Hunter not only plays with the pans, he now sits in the drawer!

Hunter's trip to Michigan

After his birthday, Hunter went back to Michigan to stay with Nana and Pop while Mommy and Daddy were in Jamaica.  
He rode forward facing for the first time.  He did really well in the car, only cried a little bit when he was tired!
They went to visit Great-Grandma Hartman

Hunter liked peeking at Pop taking the picture
The swimming pool
Trying milk with meals
Loving the train table
Making a chair out of a stool!

Helping Pop water the flowers

They went to Mommy's favorite Ice Cream Place-Doozies!
Seeing Mommy at the airport when she flew in to get him. 
Thanks Nana and Pop for taking care of Hunter!