Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knoxville Post #3

Kayley got really good at saying Shadow's name. Uncle T helped her pet Shadow
Thursday night, we headed back to Richmond. We had to stop because Kayley was screaming and having a hard time getting to sleep. She fell right to sleep on Grandpa's shoulder...
Playing with Grandpa
Reading with Grandma

Taking a walk
Grandma, Grandpa, Kayley and Logan
We went to Chili's to eat Saturday night. Logan loved the chips. Kayley loved dipping the chips in ranch dressing and giving them away!
Grandpa and Logan
Logan sat this close to Grandpa the whole time!
We had so much fun this past week!

Knoxville Post #2

Day 3 of preschool. Kayley would stay in the classroom as long as Mommy was standing in there! She liked the water table.
Chapel time

Grandma loved checking in on Logan whenever she wanted!
Music class with Grandma

Gym time
Logan also had music time with Grandma

Once again, Kayley didn't want to eat lunch in her classroom
She was happy to eat a little bit with Grandma in her office though!
Logan at the science center
Grandma got Kayley to sleep super quick! She slept for 2 hours!
Logan at lunch.
Ms Laura, Logan, and Ms Rhonda
Kayley asleep
Kayley woke up and wanted to find Grandma
Logan LOVED making an elephant
Show and tell. Ms Rhonda let Logan do show and tell 2 days since he doesn't get to do it at his preschool. The first day he showed a key for the preschool door. The second day he showed Puppy Brown Ears Ragland. Logan is in the blue sweatshirt...
Showing Grandma his finished elephant when she came to get him after school

Trip to Knoxville Post #1

Saturday, March 6th, we met Grandma and Grandpa half way to Knoxville. We had lunch at Shoney's and then Mommy, Logan, and Kayley went back to Knoxville with Grandma and Grandpa for the week.
Sunday, Logan and Kayley went to Sunday School class. After church, we went to a pizza place. Our trip there ended early because a little girl was past nap time and not happy!
We finished lunch at home. Logan talked to Daddy on the phone while Kayley napped.
Grandma and Grandpa are having work done in their backyard. Logan rode with the guy on the bobcat.
Then he tried to take it for a spin himself!
The great new wall in the backyard
Piano time
Uncle T and Logan
Logan helped make cookies
Monday we went to the preschool to play and help Grandma get ready for the week.

Story time after dinner
Bath time...every night!
Tuesday, we went to preschool with Grandma.
Helping Grandma move the wagon
Logan was in Ms Rhonda and Ms Laura's class for the week. Kayley was in Ms Michelle and Ms Jill's. They both had a lot of fun! Here is Logan on the playground.

Kayley in gymnastics
Kayley on the playground

Kayley at lunchtime crying b/c she doesn't want to have the Party Mix on her plate!
She finally ate when Grandma came in and sat by her.
Logan waiting for gymnastics to begin---he is on the far left
Tuesday night, grilling in the rain with Grandpa
Hi LoLo!
2nd day of preschool.
This is Logan's classroom for the week
Helping Grandma with some work before preschool
Kayley had a short nap on Tuesday. Wednesday, she sat with Grandma in the office after an hour of being in class because she was so tired. She fell asleep and Grandma put her on a mat where she slept for a long time!
Eating lunch after she woke up
Watching a sign language DVD in Grandma's chair
Mr. Gene, who takes care of cleaning up after school, gave Logan and Kayley each a Fruit Roll-up.
Wednesday afternoon, we went to see Mommy's friend Amy. Kayley and Logan had fun playing with Layla
Logan took this picture of Amy and Mommy