Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Last Thursday, my 'big boy bed' was on our porch when we got home from music class!
I took one last spin around my crib first.
I helped Mommy take my bedding out.
I helped Daddy take my crib apart.
Kayley hung out on the mattress.
I helped Daddy some more.
Then we opened my big boy bed!!
Mommy and I practiced laying on my mattress with a blanket and pillow.  
Daddy needed me to read the directions and tell him what to do.
My new bed, hurray!
I practiced sleeping on my bed.
I helped Daddy move my mattress on.
Then I had to try out my new bed.
Now I have a big boy room!
The next day during my nap I fell halfway out of bed and slept like this for half an hour.
When it isn't time to sleep I get in and out of my bed on my own.  When it is time to sleep, I stand on my bed when I want to get up just like I did in my crib!  
It's been 1 week and I love my big boy bed!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Festival and Halloween

Grandpa and Grandma's church had a Fall Festival the Wednesday night we were visiting.  We got to wear our costumes.  
I liked the moon bounce but only if Mommy sat inside. 
Kayley watched.

Mommy and Daddy took us Trunk or Treating.

Grandma and Aunt Rachael were handing out candy.

I liked helping pass out candy too.

Grandma helped me decorate a pumpkin I got at her preschool.

Kayley and I wore festive shirts for Halloween

We went Trick or Treating in Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun.

I tried to give the candy I got here to the lady at the next house. 
Grandma came with us too.

Yummy sucker!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trip to Knoxville

We took a trip to Knoxville last week.  Uncle Christopher and Aunt Rachael were visiting from London so Logan and Kayley got to meet them!

Kids look good on Christopher.(Hint, Hint)

Logan learned that in England trains go the opposite way.

Kayley loved being held by Aunt Rachael.

Kayley had her first "sink" bath.

Being a preschool director is so easy even a baby can do it.

Logan helped Grandma make dinner.  

Thanksgiving in October!

Logan found out how poor actors are when 
Uncle Christopher tried to steal his lunch money.

It's cute unless you are the one that has to clean them up.

Logan  tried to earn back the money Uncle Christopher stole by giving massages.  Unfortunately, Grandma isn't a great tipper.

Kayley taking it easy after a long day of being held.

Logan got an early Christmas present.  He loved it so much that he read it to the chips in the pantry.

Where were you at 5:50?