Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip to Michigan-Post #3

Tuesday, Aunt Lola and family went home and came back on Friday. So, in the meantime, Logan and Kayley had lots of fun having Nana and Pop all to themselves!
Logan went with Pop to take pictures and measure a house for work. On the way home, they stopped for fries and an ice cream cone at McDonalds!
Nana told Kayley to say "cheese" and Kayley smiled really big.
Kayley showing Pop how she can make the pouring sounds from the teapot and coffee pot
Going to play outside
Kayley loved the big swing. Pop held on to her and she held onto the chain. Very fun.
Logan and puppy outside
Playing in the fort Pop is making for all the grandkids
Having hot chocolate when we got inside
Kayley loved having marshmallows!
Talking with Daddy on video chat one night
Wednesday we went to see Pop at his office. Logan decided to take a few phone calls while we were there.
Kayley wanted to ask about some insurance
Logan didn't know the answers to Kayley's questions so he had to get help from Pop
Logan was very excited about the HUGE pencil in Pop's office
Then Pop went with us and ate at the Pixi. YUMMY!
That afternoon, Mommy mowed some of the yard. She let Logan ride and steer before she started mowing. He loved it!
Logan helped Pop with the fort. He got a ride in the wagon.
Mommy broke the little wheel off the lawn mower. Oops!
Logan and Pop started working on a dog house for Puppy Brown Ears Ragland
Thursday, Pop took Logan to Uncle Harold's farm and rode in the combine.
Logan helped Uncle Harold fix the combine
Then took a little nap
Mommy found Kayley bouncing up and down on the exercise machine trying to make it work
More work on the dog house
Watching Barney with Nana
Almost done!
Logan and Mommy playing basketball

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to Michigan-Post #2

Aunt Lola, Eden, Ethan, Elijah, and Evan were at Nana and Pop's house until Tuesday.
Kayley wanted her blanket a few times when it was time to eat breakfast.
Reading a magazine with Pop
Eden and Kayley watching a TV show
Eden found Nana's red Mickey Mouse for Logan to hold while they watched Mickey Mouse Club House
Logan wanted to eat at the big table so Eden sat and ate with him
Rest time--watching Logan's Thomas movie and eating popcorn
Elijah wouldn't take his nap so he joined the fun
Logan loved going upstairs with his cousins. He is playing basketball with his puppy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trip to Michigan-Post #1

October 10th, Mommy, Logan, and Kayley flew to Michigan for a week. Daddy had to work :(
Kayley is playing with Logan's puppy at the airport.
Pop picked us up from the airport and we went to Shepherd. Aunt Lola and the kids were there too. Sunday we all went to Uncle John's Cider Mill. Here's a picture of where they make the cider.
Nana, Kayley, Mommy, Logan watching them make cider
Logan and Mommy
Elijah being nice to Kayley!
We got to eat yummy doughnuts!!
And drink delicious cider!!
Kayley ate some of her doughnut but then decided it was more fun to smash it.
Logan decided he liked dunking his doughnut in the cider
Kayley thought Pop's doughnut tasted good while Elijah ate his own
The grandkids in the school bus. We couldn't get everyone to look at the same time! Here's Aunt Lola holding up Evan at the end on the left, Eden, Kayley, Elijah, Ethan, and Logan

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

State Fair

Saturday we went to the Virginia State Fair. We were going to leave in the morning, but had to take Logan to the doctor for an ear ache. He had an ear infection coming on :(
We got there at 12:30 when it was super busy and warm!
Logan wanted to see a big big pumpkin and a little pumpkin. This is the 1st prize winner for biggest pumpkin and there is a little one right by it!
Playing in the corn area
"The sheep took his picture with me!"
Looking at pigs
Sharing an elephant ear with Mommy
Snack break
Daddy and Logan with a baby cow in the background

Watching the dog stunt show

Waiting forever in line to ride the ferris wheel

Kayley entertaining herself while she and Mommy waited for the boys

On the ferris wheel

Then Daddy and Logan went on the big slide. Logan wanted to ride down beside Daddy, not on his lap!

Logan liked it so much they did it again

Mommy took Kayley and Logan on the carousel

Boat ride--Logan did good steering around the turns!

Kayley wanting to go on the train with Logan

Logan is in the front right looking out the window

Alligator ride

Kayley wishing she was tall enough to go on the ride

Petting horses with Mommy. A few people let Logan pet their horses they had out

Nap time after a long fun day!