Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dad's night

Last month, Logan and Daddy went to Dad's Night at Logan's preschool. It was a lot of fun! They got there and Logan played a little bit.
Then the kids sang a couple of songs for the Dads.
Mrs. Hunter read the answers to some questions the kids were asked about their dads and showed the picture they drew of their dads.

Here is a video of Logan singing one of the songs.

They did an art project and made a group snack to finish out Dad's Night.
Logan had so much fun having Daddy go to school with him!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend

The weekend began trying to figure out "Where is Logan?"
Next came some horseback riding
Then trying to fit into the entertainment center
New sidewalk chalk
Daddy had to go into work for a little bit on Saturday so Mommy, Logan, and Kayley attempted to have a picnic on the deck. Kayley preferred walking around rather than eating food.
When Daddy got done working, we went to get ice cream

Then off to the park

Daddy took Logan and Kayley out to see the water and ducks
After not sleeping well Friday night and refusing to take a nap Saturday afternoon, Kayley fell asleep in the car on the way home from the park
After eating dinner, Logan and Kayley got their Easter baskets ready for the Easter Bunny to come

He came!

The Easter Bunny brought Logan lots of candy, a chocolate bunny, some books, and a Little Einsteins DVD he had been wanting!
The Easter Bunny brought Kayley lots of candy, a chocolate bunny, some books, an Elmo DVD and a Barney DVD!
Checking out the goods
Before we went to church, Logan and Mommy made Jell-O
Some after-breakfast candy
All ready for church

Kayley didn't want to get in the car...she wanted to go slide
After church, we stopped at Wal-mart to get a few things. Logan and Kayley stopped to watch Toy Story on the TV
When we got home, it was time for Logan and Kayley to find the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden. During breakfast, Logan had looked around to see where they all were so he could get them fast after church!

Mommy and Daddy heard a loud crash and this is what Daddy found when he went to see what had happened--candy all over the floor!
Trying out the new bubbles from Nana and Pop. They gave Logan a set of Mickey Mouse 100 piece puzzles. Grandma and Grandpa gave Logan and Kayley an Imagination Movers CD which they love!! (Mommy does too :-) )
That afternoon we also colored eggs.

We made biscuits after dinner...big marshmallows wrapped in crescent rolls and rolled in cinnamon sugar. After you bake them, the marshmallow melts and they are super yummy.
We also made a bunny cake
What a fun Easter! Logan has asked pretty much every day since when Easter will be here again!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with Daddy

Daddy had to work a couple of Saturday's ago, so we went and met him at his office when he was done. Logan has been wanting to go to work with Daddy for a long time!
Daddy put Logan and Kayley to work
We went to eat at Red Robin afterwards
Then we played in the mall play center. Daddy held Logan and Kayley's balloons from Red Robin while they played
Fun on the bridge
Kayley was able to do it all by herself and was pretty happy about that

We had a fun time!

Weekend of fun

Kayley likes to put her arm around whoever she is laying by
Logan wasn't feeling good one night. He fell asleep on the chair at dinner before Mommy could get his dinner all out
Watching TV while not feeling good

The ZOO!!

The monkeys
The penguins
The penguin looks like he is talking to Logan!
Logan wanted to feed the donkey but decided he'd rather let Daddy do it
The birds were fun to feed but since there were so many people there feeding them all morning, it took a while to get a bird to come to us

Logan and Daddy went on the sky ride. Kayley really wanted to go but she wasn't old enough

After Mommy got Kayley to stop crying because she couldn't go with Daddy, she ate some lunch.
Time to feed the giraffes. They had a lot of food already that morning so they weren't that interested in our food

Mommy and Kayley
The rhinos were digging in the dirt!

An ostrich moving her eggs and sitting on them...then cracking one...then eating it!
That afternoon it was pretty good kite flying weather. Kayley decided to make it a challenge for Daddy and hold the tail of the kite!

Logan flew the kite all by himself!
Mommy trying to help Kayley fly her kite

A trip to Sonic on Sunday
Kayley decided to use markers when Mommy and Daddy weren't looking. Mommy said, "No, Kayley!" and Kayley hurried to do some more before Mommy could get to her! You can't see it all in this picture but her arms are completely covered in marker.