Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun in May

After church the first Sunday Nana and Pop were here, we went to our favorite burger place--Five Guys!
Before Pop flew back to Michigan, he started expanding our deck. Kayley liked to help him drop the shovel in the hole

Logan and Kayley really wanted to get in the holes, so Daddy and Pop put them in for a little bit!
We planted 3 trees in our front yard
Logan wore the measuring tape and helped Pop and Daddy measure the yard
Ride in the wheelbarrow
Daddy digging holes and Logan taking drinks of his Coke
Logan helped fill the holes back in
Kayley woke up from her nap and wanted to help too

Logan wearing Mommy's sunglasses
Kayley, wanting to copy Logan, put hers on
Red Lobster for dinner one night
Making homemade popcicles
Kayley decided she needed to put on Logan's sandals and her winter coat that Mommy was going to store upstairs. She would not take it off for a long time!
Trying out the popcicles at night
Tuesday morning we took Pop to the airport. Logan and Kayley wanted to see if they could pass for carry-on luggage and go with him!
After school Wednesday, Mommy took Logan to feed the ducks
Our sweet girl Kayley

Logan's first scissor hair cut
Eating breakfast while watching TV one morning
Pop flew back in the next week. Logan and Kayley were so excited.
Mommy had to hold them back until Pop came out of the secure area. Then they ran to say hi
Kayley helped Pop finish up the deck
Logan kept Pop company too

Logan likes to help Mommy water the trees
Logan got to go to Home Depot with Pop one day so Pop took Kayley on Saturday. Logan went with Mommy and Daddy to Best Buy with them
Logan sat on this couch watching a TV and would not move or smile while Mommy and Daddy were calling for him to "come on". He finally broke into a big smile and jumped down.
Nana and Pop left Sunday morning. We had a lot of fun and loved having Nana stay for 2 weeks!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Logan's "Birthday" Celebration

Logan's class at preschool celebrated his birthday on May 12th since he won't be in school when it is his actual birthday. He wanted Mommy to make cupcakes that spelled out his name.
He was very proud

Waiting for school to start so Mommy, Kayley, Nana, and Logan could take his birthday treat down to his classroom
Logan got to be the line leader, wear a birthday crown, and be sung to. What a fun day!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mother's Day

Pop flew to Michigan on Tuesday and Nana stayed with us. We had so much fun with her. We got to celebrate Mother's Day with her too! After church, we went to Five Guys to eat.
Nana and Mommy
Then we came home and took some pictures

The girls

Daddy entertained Logan and Kayley for the afternoon so Mommy and Nana could go shopping! They brought take-out from Chili's for dinner on their way home. Yum!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Mother's Day Tea at Logan's Preschool

Logan's class had a Mother's Day Tea at school on May 7th. Logan and his friends sang songs for the mommies and gave them presents.

Waiting in line to wash his hands
Mommy and Logan
Logan and Mrs. Hunter
Logan and Mrs. Rivest
Logan and his friend Kylie

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Strawberry Patch

The first weekend of May was the Strawberry Festival. Nana and Pop came to visit Thursday night so they were able to go with us!
Logan really wanted to pay using his Lightning McQueen wallet.
First stop was the corn pit. Logan loved it, Kayley didn't.

She did like it from the outside though

Measuring how tall they are

We are almost as tall as Nana!

The "Spooky Maze." Logan made up a song about going to the spooky maze!

Riding tricycles with Nana
Duck Races!

So much fun!
Pop and Kayley

The Moon Bounce

Logan and Kayley loved seeing all of the animals.

They even got to pet the sheep!

Train ride-Logan rode with Mommy and Daddy

Kayley rode with Nana and Pop
Paintball with Daddy
Strawberry shooting with Pop

The kids LOVED the horse ride! Logan told Pop after a few steps that he didn't need him to walk beside him anymore!
Daddy helped Kayley

Then we went on the hay ride to the strawberry patch!
These were the biggest, juiciest strawberries we had ever seen!
Daddy taught Logan how to pick them.

Logan was a pro!

Mommy and Logan
Pop and Kayley picked strawberries together
Kayley preferred to eat them or else take a bite out of one before putting it in the basket!
We saw several that looked like little hands

Waiting for the wagon ride back. Michael had to stop and take a business call!
Kayley wanting to eat yet another strawberry
Carrying her own little basket
Logan with his basket too
Carrying them to the table to pay for them

We ate lunch when we were done. We had hot dogs, BBQ, strawberry milkshakes and strawberries!
After one more trip through the "spooky maze," the kids went on a barrel wagon ride
On the way out, we saw a clown making balloon animals. Logan wanted Puppy Brown Ears Ragland. Kayley wanted a cat.

Naps on the way home

Later after we all rested, it was time to clean strawberries. Logan wanted to help cut the stems off

Kayley decided she wanted to try too
She helped eat some more strawberries too!

Logan helped Mommy wash the strawberries
He also helped write the date on the bags

Logan helped Pop get them ready to be put in the freezer
Such a fun day!!