Sunday, June 06, 2010

Strawberry Patch

The first weekend of May was the Strawberry Festival. Nana and Pop came to visit Thursday night so they were able to go with us!
Logan really wanted to pay using his Lightning McQueen wallet.
First stop was the corn pit. Logan loved it, Kayley didn't.

She did like it from the outside though

Measuring how tall they are

We are almost as tall as Nana!

The "Spooky Maze." Logan made up a song about going to the spooky maze!

Riding tricycles with Nana
Duck Races!

So much fun!
Pop and Kayley

The Moon Bounce

Logan and Kayley loved seeing all of the animals.

They even got to pet the sheep!

Train ride-Logan rode with Mommy and Daddy

Kayley rode with Nana and Pop
Paintball with Daddy
Strawberry shooting with Pop

The kids LOVED the horse ride! Logan told Pop after a few steps that he didn't need him to walk beside him anymore!
Daddy helped Kayley

Then we went on the hay ride to the strawberry patch!
These were the biggest, juiciest strawberries we had ever seen!
Daddy taught Logan how to pick them.

Logan was a pro!

Mommy and Logan
Pop and Kayley picked strawberries together
Kayley preferred to eat them or else take a bite out of one before putting it in the basket!
We saw several that looked like little hands

Waiting for the wagon ride back. Michael had to stop and take a business call!
Kayley wanting to eat yet another strawberry
Carrying her own little basket
Logan with his basket too
Carrying them to the table to pay for them

We ate lunch when we were done. We had hot dogs, BBQ, strawberry milkshakes and strawberries!
After one more trip through the "spooky maze," the kids went on a barrel wagon ride
On the way out, we saw a clown making balloon animals. Logan wanted Puppy Brown Ears Ragland. Kayley wanted a cat.

Naps on the way home

Later after we all rested, it was time to clean strawberries. Logan wanted to help cut the stems off

Kayley decided she wanted to try too
She helped eat some more strawberries too!

Logan helped Mommy wash the strawberries
He also helped write the date on the bags

Logan helped Pop get them ready to be put in the freezer
Such a fun day!!

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