Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun in May

After church the first Sunday Nana and Pop were here, we went to our favorite burger place--Five Guys!
Before Pop flew back to Michigan, he started expanding our deck. Kayley liked to help him drop the shovel in the hole

Logan and Kayley really wanted to get in the holes, so Daddy and Pop put them in for a little bit!
We planted 3 trees in our front yard
Logan wore the measuring tape and helped Pop and Daddy measure the yard
Ride in the wheelbarrow
Daddy digging holes and Logan taking drinks of his Coke
Logan helped fill the holes back in
Kayley woke up from her nap and wanted to help too

Logan wearing Mommy's sunglasses
Kayley, wanting to copy Logan, put hers on
Red Lobster for dinner one night
Making homemade popcicles
Kayley decided she needed to put on Logan's sandals and her winter coat that Mommy was going to store upstairs. She would not take it off for a long time!
Trying out the popcicles at night
Tuesday morning we took Pop to the airport. Logan and Kayley wanted to see if they could pass for carry-on luggage and go with him!
After school Wednesday, Mommy took Logan to feed the ducks
Our sweet girl Kayley

Logan's first scissor hair cut
Eating breakfast while watching TV one morning
Pop flew back in the next week. Logan and Kayley were so excited.
Mommy had to hold them back until Pop came out of the secure area. Then they ran to say hi
Kayley helped Pop finish up the deck
Logan kept Pop company too

Logan likes to help Mommy water the trees
Logan got to go to Home Depot with Pop one day so Pop took Kayley on Saturday. Logan went with Mommy and Daddy to Best Buy with them
Logan sat on this couch watching a TV and would not move or smile while Mommy and Daddy were calling for him to "come on". He finally broke into a big smile and jumped down.
Nana and Pop left Sunday morning. We had a lot of fun and loved having Nana stay for 2 weeks!

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