Monday, July 05, 2010

1st Family Vacation

Logan's last day of school was May 21st. After school, we headed to Roanoke for the weekend! This was our first official family vacation. Grandma and Grandpa met us there to join in the fun. Here is Logan and Kayley at the hotel. We were going go explore while we waited for Grandma and Grandpa to get there.
We decided to go swimming while we waited. The kids were all excited and stuck their toes in the pool....and then the pool was shut down because of the lightening (it was connected to the outdoor pool)
Happy that Grandma and Grandpa were there
Dinner in the hotel room
The storm was over so we went down to the pool again. Kayley LOVED the water
Logan was a little unsure at the beginning. He used Daddy as a floatation device
On this trip, Kayley decided she liked putting on make-up with herself
Saturday we went to the science museum
Trying to touch the tornado
Dinosaurs! Logan was a little afraid at first
We went to see "The Sky Above Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" show at the Planetarium there. Logan kept answering everything Mr. Rogers asked. It was cute. Then we had lunch in the car.
Next was the Roanoke Zoo--Not a zoo we'd go back to! It didn't take long to go through all of it. Logan and Kayley talked to the goats.
Mommy found a trapped Michigan Wolverine! He kept running back and forth like he wanted to play with the people watching him.
There is a red panda in the tree resting. It was cute
One of the best parts of the zoo was the slide!
We also took a train ride around the zoo. The zoo is so small, we got to go two times around it!
A view from the top of the mountain

Logan and Grandma
We ate dinner at the Golden Corral.
Swimming again back at the hotel
Kayley and Daddy. Kayley had no issues going from the hot tub to the pool! She is a fish!
Getting the cart to pack up and go home
Lunch at Sonic before going home
Logan and Grandpa. Grandpa was going back to Knoxville and Grandma was coming back with us for 2 weeks!
We stopped to the Safari Park on the way back home. Logan was a little unsure about feeding the animals at first
Kayley however, loved it
Logan got the hang of it

Here is the camel that bit Mommy's fingers.
Then we went to the walk through part of the park--monkeys, giraffes, kangaroos, snakes, birds...
Feeding the giraffes
It was a very hot afternoon but it was fun!

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