Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip to Michigan Post #2

Kayley and Pop
Kayley really wanted to play in this before Evan got to Nana and Pop's house. She bounced pretty fast in it!
Tuesday, we went for a horse and wagon ride at one of Pop's client's house (also Mommy's friend from high school's dad)
Pop drove a team of horses for the first time ever. Kayley sat with Mr. Filhart at one point and even fell asleep on his lap!
We went into Shepherd and got some ice cream! Kayley woke up right before we left to go back to the farm.
Mommy even got to drive the team!
Kayley helped Pop drive the team.
It was a nice way to spend 2 hours outside!
When we got home, Aunt Lola, Eden, Ethan, Elijah, and Evan were there.
Mommy, Eden, and Kayley
Cousins--Evan, Kayley, Elijah, Ethan, Logan, Eden
Pop took the kids to the "fort" and to pick some berries. Kayley LOVED the wild raspberries
Evan enjoyed playing with/eating Mommy's foot while getting a breathing treatment
Kayley and Logan loved swinging this way
Pop and Nana with the grandkids
Mommy and Aunt Lola with the kids
Eden brought a bag of "girl" stuff to show Kayley fun things that girls do
Playing Sorry

Cousins playing together
Snack time on the stairs--Elijah, Kayley, Ethan, Logan
Air Hockey!!
Logan and Elijah had so much fun playing together
Kayley went to Aunt Lola mostly when Lola had Kayley's blankets as a bribe! :)
Everyone gathered around to see Daddy on the computer during video chat time

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