Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nana and Pop visit

Nana and Pop came to visit last week.  We went to the zoo one day.  Logan really liked it but was disappointed our zoo didn't have hippos.  

Pop helped Logan feed the deer...there were tons of them!
Kayley woke up and enjoyed some of the animals
The animals kept following Logan as he walked back and forth down the sidewalk
Kayley liked the giraffes!
One of the several times Logan wanted to read books
Maybe we need to cut back on the amount of milk Kayley is drinking.
Pop replaced our porch for us so now we can go out without shoes and not get slivers! Logan found another use for the boards until Pop was ready for them.
Logan making "grass angels"
Nana bought Logan Thomas swim shorts and he decided to wear them one night over his pants!
Logan helped take the stickers off the ends of the boards
Logan got to spend a lot of time outside this week
Logan was very helpful handing Pop the screws
He climbed under the porch to get pieces of boards that Pop dropped
Logan showed Pop a few tricks he has picked up over the years.
Kayley loved to cuddle with Pop
We started to get the rest of the downstairs ready to paint and replace molding.  Logan helped take the baseboard off
Kayley took a bath for the first time in the big bathtub
Logan likes to wrap up in his towel after a bath
Logan got some new Thomas the train stuff for helping Pop with the porch and deck.
Logan was very excited to show Nana and Pop his preschool and his teachers. Now he is looking forward to going on a plane to Nana and Pop's house in a few weeks! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Logan had a St. Patrick's Day party at preschool yesterday.  When he got home, he found a note from Lucky the Leprechaun.  Lucky had hidden 8 gold coins and if Logan found them all then he could have the special treat Lucky left for him.  So, we quickly ate lunch--drank green milk out of a green cup, and used a green plate, and bowl. 
Kayley's shirt says "Mommy's lil' pot o' gold"
Logan was very excited when he found some coins.  While he was looking for them, he discovered the Leprechaun "peed green" in the toilet and didn't flush. Logan will tell you, "He didn't flush, he didn't wash his hands!"
When he found the last coin, he also found a bag of green M&Ms

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Winter Storm

Sunday afternoon it started snowing so Logan and Daddy went outside for a while

Logan tried throwing snow at Daddy

Logan playing in the backyard

He loved making hot chocolate when they came inside
Monday morning we woke up to 7+ inches of snow!  We of course went out to play in it! It was a little deep for Logan-He kept saying, "walk with me Daddy"

Mommy and Logan eating snow
Logan learned that he loves icicles

No matter what the weather is like, Logan still loves to play with his wagon
Later in the day, Logan and Daddy went back outside.  The first thing Logan did was eat snow!
Kayley wishing it was warmer so she could go play
Logan and Daddy tried to make a snowman
Kayley played in the snow inside
Mommy looked away for a minute and then found Kayley like this

We made snow ice cream or "ice cream snow" as Logan says.  It was yummy!!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Valentine's Day

Logan had a Valentine's Party at preschool.  Mrs. LaBella gave him these fun glasses that make you see rainbows when looking at a light.
He made candy covered marshmallows.
Valentine's Day morning Mommy made pink heart shaped pancakes

 Kayley was sick on Valentine's Day.  She enjoyed chewing on Mommy's shirt.
Logan and Kayley helped make a heart shaped cake
Logan helped frost it