Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Logan had a St. Patrick's Day party at preschool yesterday.  When he got home, he found a note from Lucky the Leprechaun.  Lucky had hidden 8 gold coins and if Logan found them all then he could have the special treat Lucky left for him.  So, we quickly ate lunch--drank green milk out of a green cup, and used a green plate, and bowl. 
Kayley's shirt says "Mommy's lil' pot o' gold"
Logan was very excited when he found some coins.  While he was looking for them, he discovered the Leprechaun "peed green" in the toilet and didn't flush. Logan will tell you, "He didn't flush, he didn't wash his hands!"
When he found the last coin, he also found a bag of green M&Ms

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