Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Logan and Kayley decorated with Welcome Home signs for Hunter

Welcome Home/Big Brother, Big Sister Party---Cake made by Grandma and kids

Hunter hanging out at home

Trying to eat Mommy's nose

Kayley reading to Hunter

Calm after the bath

Tummy time--Kayley covered him up, Logan let him have Rompy

Kayley's "puppy cage"

Hunter's first trip to the mailbox

Kayley decided to paint herself

Playing in the water

Snuggle time with Daddy

Kayley borrowed Hunter's bed for her bear blankie and bunny blankie

4th of July

Hunter was sleeping the whole time!

Kayley loving her new little brother

Logan put his socks on Hunter 

Nana stayed with us for a couple of weeks to help out after Hunter was born
 Kayley putting stickers all over Daddy
 Sleeping by Daddy

Nana and Logan at the Ice Cream Place
Pop, Eden, and Aunt Lola flew back in for Kayley's birthday party.
 Elmo wanted to hold Hunter!
 Grandpa and Grandma came for Kayley's birthday too.  We all went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate!

 Aunt Lola helped Mommy with the cake

 Kayley is in there somewhere...
 Celebrating on Kayley's actual birthday
 Hunter at the park
 Kayley playing outside with water
 Grandma stayed with us for a couple of weeks after Kayley's party weekend was over
 Kayley put her chef hat on by herself.  Mommy thought Kayley looked like she lived on the prairie!  

Hunter is born!

There are so many pictures we could post, but since we are so behind, here are just a few!!

June 21, 2011--Hunter Michael Ragland was born!

Proud big brother and sister

Daddy showing Logan and Kayley their new little brother.  

Logan and Kayley LOVE Hunter!

Tired Mommy and Hunter

Scanning Mommy's wrist band so she could get her medicine!  Erica was Mommy's nurse when Kayley was born too!