Friday, August 31, 2007

My Birthday Party

Last week I turned one and all my grandparents came to town. Mommy was afraid no one would know it was my first birthday so she put up a couple of subtle reminders.

Before the party, while I was taking a nap, Nana, Grandma, and Daddy's cousin Stephanie all played the Nintendo Wii.

I was happy to see everyone and all the presents. Excellent.

To make sure I keep all my college football options open, I got UT, Texas Tech, and Central Michigan outfits. Go Red Chipeteers.

Here I am with Mommy and Daddy with the cakes that Mommy made.

I really enjoyed my cake.

Having 4 grandparents in the house drove me to start smoking. I was able to quit once they left.

Daddy said I was too spoiled and had to sleep outside. He did help me put up my tent though.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's my 1st birthday!

Today was my birthday. Daddy came home early from work. I got to open a couple of presents--I have to wait until Saturday at my party to get the rest!

I got a Tennessee shirt.

I volunteered to put it on my head :)

Here is my first birthday cake. Mommy and Daddy helped me blow out the candle.

Unfortunately my pet smurf fell into the mixer.

I made such a mess that Daddy had to carry me upstairs to take a bath!

Luckily I have a the perfect suit for today!