Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Logan went to meet his teachers the Friday before school started (the 11th). He has Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Rivest this year. This is Logan walking up the stairs at the preschool. He wanted to wear his backpack and have his puppy in his shirt when he met his teachers.
Sunday night we got Logan's backpack all ready.

Logan practicing walking into preschool from the car line.
1st day of school picture
In the car before leaving the house
Looking out of the car in the car line
After eating 2 Hershey Kisses Mommy brought him as a treat when she picked him up
Home after the 1st day
Logan did great. He didn't cry at all. He had so much fun and couldn't wait until the next time he went.

Mommy's Birthday

Mommy's birthday was September 6th. She turned 30 this year! Kayley was very excited it was Mommy's birthday.
Logan was excited but didn't really want to get a picture with Mommy!
Daddy and Logan made the birthday cake.
Logan running in to give Mommy her present
30 candles
Loving the cake

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ethan's Birthday Party

Logan's friend Ethan turned 3 this week. He had a birthday party at the park. Here is Logan with Aidan and Ethan
Miss Jacquie had a fire truck come to the birthday party. Logan was super excited!
The boys on the truck
Logan loved climbing inside
He got to hold the hose
He thought it was really funny when they all held it together
Logan loved driving the firetruck
The boys on the back of the truck
The boys on the front of the truck
Kayley sat long enough for Mommy to take a picture
A video...
The firemen turned on the lights and siren as they drove away. Then we went back up to the playground to have cake. It was a fun party!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Logan's Birthday Weekend Part 2

Saturday we had a birthday party for Logan with our family. Logan woke up to the house decorated.

Daddy took Logan to get balloons for his birthday. He got to pick out 3 balloons-he picked a firetruck, Thomas, and Lightening McQueen
Logan was super excited when it was time to open presents-he almost knocked Mommy over and fell himself!
Present time
Family picture
So many great presents...he said many times "I wanted that at the store!" "I can't believe I have this"
A Mickey Mouse blanket
A Mickey Mouse Club House Cd from Kayley
A broom
Thomas umbrella
Looking at a picture made by cousin Eden
"Thanks Kayley"
Handy Manny toy
Mickey Mouse race track
He had to go outside for his final gift from Grandma and Grandpa
A Jeep!! He got the hang of driving it pretty quickly.
Logan with Grandpa, Grandma, Nana, and Pop
Daddy and Grandpa playing with the race track while Logan was sleeping!
A cash register like Mommy and Daddy used to have
Pizza for dinner
Cake time
Mommy made Logan a Lightening McQueen Cars cake
He kept licking the cake while we were trying to get a picture of him with it

Kayley loved the cake
Birthday Boy
For a few days after his birthday, Logan would randomly say "I can't believe everyone got me so many presents. Why did they do that?"