Monday, September 07, 2009

Logan's Birthday Weekend Part 2

Saturday we had a birthday party for Logan with our family. Logan woke up to the house decorated.

Daddy took Logan to get balloons for his birthday. He got to pick out 3 balloons-he picked a firetruck, Thomas, and Lightening McQueen
Logan was super excited when it was time to open presents-he almost knocked Mommy over and fell himself!
Present time
Family picture
So many great presents...he said many times "I wanted that at the store!" "I can't believe I have this"
A Mickey Mouse blanket
A Mickey Mouse Club House Cd from Kayley
A broom
Thomas umbrella
Looking at a picture made by cousin Eden
"Thanks Kayley"
Handy Manny toy
Mickey Mouse race track
He had to go outside for his final gift from Grandma and Grandpa
A Jeep!! He got the hang of driving it pretty quickly.
Logan with Grandpa, Grandma, Nana, and Pop
Daddy and Grandpa playing with the race track while Logan was sleeping!
A cash register like Mommy and Daddy used to have
Pizza for dinner
Cake time
Mommy made Logan a Lightening McQueen Cars cake
He kept licking the cake while we were trying to get a picture of him with it

Kayley loved the cake
Birthday Boy
For a few days after his birthday, Logan would randomly say "I can't believe everyone got me so many presents. Why did they do that?"

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Kathlene Smith said...

great pics mando. Love that last logan quote. so cute. miss you guys.