Friday, November 30, 2012

Moving Week

Family picture at our house
Kayley hanging on her tree
Logan tried hanging on it too
"senior picture" pose
Loading up our cars to ship them to Chicago
Daddy tried packing Hunter but the movers said no  :)
Bittersweet day
Mommy found Logan on top of Grandma's car

Mommy and Daddy trying to keep Hunter out of the way in an empty room.  Logan and Kayley spent lots of time playing with Caroline and Greyson today.
Laying down where their beds used to be
Saying goodbye.  So hard.  
Daddy carved the kid's names on their trees before Mommy and Daddy left the house at midnight

September-Last Month in Virginia

Logan being silly with a sticker on his head
Hunter getting into the DVD cases...again!
We had a few playdates with friends this month before we moved.  Kayley and Ben
Kayley and Caroline
Kayley, Camrynn, Addisyn, and Logan
Silly Logan
Magnetic dolls with Caroline
Mommy's birthday.  Kayley helped Nana make the cake and Logan decorated it.
Playing leap frog

Kayley and Logan were helping Pop wash everything off in the driveway.  Kayley "washed" Logan!
Logan, trying to do school.  It wasn't working so well with Hunter on his head!
Hunter helping Nana do some work on the baseboards
Ice cream truck.  We hope they have one in Chicago!
Kayley, Nana, Logan, Hunter, Pop
Logan helping Kayley on the phone
When Hunter can't open something, he uses his teeth!
Kayley, Caroline, Logan
Picnic in the kitchen
Hunter trying to sit in the doll house
Grandma came at the end of the month.  Logan and Kayley got to go to one last skating class

We found a park we really like...the last month we live here.  Wish we would have come here a long time ago!
Sam, Logan, Nate
Great job Logan!
Kayley and Hunter hiding while eating a banana
Helping Grandma in the kitchen
Hunter would not let us take Grandma's shirt off of him once she put it on him!
Logan, Hayden
Davis, Hayden, Logan, Kayley
We sure are going to miss our friends in Richmond!  We have loved living there but are ready to be closer to cousins!

September-Wedding Weekend Post #2-Hershey, PA

Hunter played in the drawer while Mommy packed up everything at the hotel after the wedding!
Off to Hershey, PA with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Christopher, and Aunt Rachael
3-D movie at the Hershey Factory
Daddy FINALLY got Hunter asleep.
Chocolate tasting

Making our own candy bars

We all had to wear these head coverings.  Hunter did NOT want to keep his on.

Kayley eating Aunt Rachael...I guess she was practicing eating her candy bar??
Watching our candy bars being made
Designing the candy bar labels
Finished product!