Friday, November 30, 2012

September-Timothy's Wedding Weekend Post #1

The first weekend of September, Uncle T got married.  Hunter helped out at the rehearsal to make sure everything was going ok!
Logan practicing standing on one foot.

Kayley practicing holding her breath!
The kids before the wedding

Logan thinking about who knows what!

Kayley smelling the flowers

Kayley kept making this fish face and giving Mommy the thumbs up sign.  Very cute!


Smelling flowers during the prayer :)

Mommy had to take Hunter into the side room b/c he would not stay quiet during the wedding.  Thankfully, Uncle T had given him a ball right before the wedding, so he had something to play with!

After the wedding


Welcome to the family, Jessica!

Kayley LOVES Aunt Rachael!


Logan was very happy to take off his coat and tie!
Kayley loving on Uncle Christopher
Uncle T and Aunt Jessica rode to the reception in a fire truck. Kayley and Logan got to ride too!
Hunter at the reception

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