Thursday, July 05, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Grandpa came in Memorial Day weekend to take Grandma back home.  
We went to Williamsburg Saturday morning.  We went putt-putt golfing.  Most of us got a hole-in-one thanks to Hunter!

Grandma and Kayley
The kids loved the waterfall cave
Hunter's first Putt-putt lesson
Hunter was tired out after the long day in the sun!
Sunday morning--"Wait for me, I want breakfast too!"
The kids
Mommy and Logan
Colonial Williamsburg

Grandpa resting
Grandpa and Hunter
Hunter napping
Logan and Daddy
Uh, oh...
Grandma and Hunter
The old jailhouse

Logan was tired from all the walking in the hot sun!

The whole crew

May 2012 Post 3

Grandma came to stay while Daddy had another work trip.  Hunter helping Grandma sweep!
"No more high chair for me!"
Knight Kayley
Grandma and Hunter
Kayley giving Bear Blankie a piggy back ride!
Gifts from Texas! (sweatshirt, onesie, shirt)
Hunter sitting in the toy box
We went to the Strawberry Patch!

We had to keep Hunter from eating the corn!
Duck races

Horse rides

Tractor ride

Farmer Logan
This was Grandma's first time ever to pick strawberries!

Nap time on Mommy

Field trip to a Japanese Steak House with Logan's class
Last day of school
Kayley and her friend Mona