Thursday, July 05, 2012

May 2012 Post 1

Kayley playing games on the computer
Waiting for Daddy
Hunter and Daddy
Hunter thinks something is funny!
Napping on the couch
Hunter was playing in the cabinet, Mommy looked over and Hunter was eating Teddy Grahams!
Explorer Logan
Guess who likes to play in the shoes!
Determined to find a toy
Kayley got to celebrate her summer birthday at preschool
Art projects!
Hunter thought it would be fun to sit in Logan's box of Trio Blocks
Mother's Day Tea at Logan's school
Logan decided to label things in the house---including "Huntur"
Mother's Day Tea at Kayley's Preschool

Kayley's teachers Mrs. Rivest and Mrs. Hunter
Chuck E. Cheese with Nana and Pop

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