Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Grandma's Here!

Grandma came back with us from Roanoke. We had a lot of fun! This picture might have been from before she came. Logan is doing dishes for Mommy (his idea). He stopped for a bathroom break and when he came back, he didn't know it but his underwear was on backwards!
Memorial Day-making lemonade with Daddy
Playing on the guitar Grandma brought for Daddy from her house
Helping Daddy grill
Hot dogs. Yum!
Grandma, Mommy, and Logan went to Toys R Us and Grandma bought us a picnic table with umbrella that matches our sand box and slide! Thanks Grandma!!
Logan got LOTS of play time with Grandma. Playing Memory
Making Pizzas
No Target trip with Grandma is complete without an ICEE
Fun in the water
It rained one day and Logan wanted to run out in it
Kayley had to copy
Mommy and Grandma took Logan and Kayley for ice cream one afternoon

Logan had a birthday party to go to at Pump-it-up while Grandma was here. She stayed home with Kayley so Mommy could take him

Cars with Grandma
Snuggling and TV time with Grandma
Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Truck
Grandma decided we should have new sand after not adding any since she got us the sandbox 2 years ago! Logan and Kayley helped empty the old sand
They helped Mommy put the new sand in
Grandpa got here on a Friday. Logan and Kayley were so excited. Here they are waiting for him
Bedtime stories with Grandpa
Kayley used scissors for the first time. She loved it
Logan went shopping with Grandpa and Grandma. He got some neat stuff to play with
Sticker time!
Kayley has done many "girlie" things with Grandma these past two weeks--make-up, lotion, and painting nails
We did so many other things with Grandma that we don't have pictures of! We had so much fun and hope she didn't get too tired out after being here for 2 weeks :)

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