Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip to Michigan Post #3

Mommy and Eden
Logan and Elijah playing Sorry!
Mommy tried to play the piano but Logan and Kayley decided to join in too.
Sunday, Mommy and Pop took Kayley and Logan to Urgent Care because they had fevers and said their throats hurt---They had Hand, Mouth, Foot...poor kids.
Playing trains
Kayley played a lot with Eden one day. It was very cute.
Monday we went to see Pop at his office
Then we went to the Pixie to eat. Kayley fell asleep instead of eating
Eden and Logan
Kayley was in a bad mood until Pop got home from work. Then she was as happy as could be. Elijah and Kayley liked playing bubbles with Pop.
Mommy trying to swing with Ethan!
Kayley wearing Mommy's first pair of glasses that she had in 2nd grade.
Heading out of town on the way to Detroit, we stopped at the school to take a picture of us in front of the Maple Building before they tear it down. Pop, Lola, Mommy, and Nana all went to school in that building.
We stopped at the mall on the way to the airport to have lunch with Uncle Ryan. Kayley drove Evan in an ice cream truck.
Future astronauts Ethan and Logan
Logan and Uncle Ryan
Yeah! She went to Aunt Lola without bribing!
At the airport

Kayley was quite cranky in the airport and on the plane. Mommy couldn't get Logan to keep up with her at the Detroit Airport....but at the Richmond Airport, Mommy couldn't keep up with Logan! He was SO excited to go see Daddy. Kayley's mood was great once she saw Daddy! We missed him and are thankful he was ok with us being gone a week in Michigan!

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