Sunday, August 08, 2010

McLandborg Carnival Post 1

1st annual McLandborg Family Carnival. This took a lot of work to get ready but was so much fun!!
Setting up
Aunt Lola at the "registration table"
Logan getting his outfit, bag for prizes, name tag, and noise maker. He was red for the day and Kayley was pink.

Before the carnival started

The workers

Lola and Mommy surprised the kids by spraying silly string at them. Logan, Eden, and Evan liked it. The others...not so much.
The kids first painted treasure boxes
The duck game
Pop handing out tickets after the game
"Drop the clothespin in the vase" game
Kayley got 4 of the 5 clothespins in!
Lola and Mommy sharing an energy drink!
"Ping Pong Ball" game

Sunglasses as a prize

"Knock the cans over" game

Kayley helping Pop set the cans up again
A swinging break
Bean bag toss


"Squirt the balloons" game

Snack time--Everyone brought 2 tickets to the tent to "buy" their snacks...popsicles
Cotton Candy

Playing with the bubbles
Face Painting and Tattoos

Lawn mowing break for Elijah and Kayley!
Even Nana and Pop got tattoos and face painting
"Grab a prize" game
Kayley upset that Mommy tried to blindfold her
Parachute time
Treasure hunt
Mommy, Logan, and Kayley
Logan swinging his new cat

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