Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kayley's 2nd Birthday

Kayley's birthday was July 14th. The day before, we made the cupcakes
Daddy took Kayley upstairs early that night and Logan helped Mommy decorate
Kayley was super excited when she woke up. She got a Minnie necklace, Minnie ears, Minnie tattoos, bouncy balls, and Tinkerbell magnets
Daddy took the day off of work! Everyone took Logan to summer camp. Kayley wanted a doughnut from Wal-mart so we went to get her one.
Then we went to Party City where Kayley picked out Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell balloons
We went to Quiznos and brought it home. Kayley took one bite of her sandwich and then decided to eat the chips only for lunch!
Daddy reading to Kayley
Daddy went to pick Logan up from summer camp. They brought Kayley an ICEE home
After Kayley's nap, we decided to take her to Chuck E. Cheese! Before we went in, Logan told Kayley and Daddy that he and Mommy had been there before so he'd tell them the rules...get coins, play games, get tickets, get prizes!
Kayley was a little scared of the big characters on the stage. She liked the game area though.
Logan loved the games. He was quite good at them. He rode this roller coaster with Daddy.
Getting their tickets counted
Say "Chuck E Cheese!" Kayley got to wear a sticker that said she was the birthday girl and she got 2 free tokens
It was bedtime by the time we got home, but Kayley's birthday wasn't over yet...we had presents to open! Logan got her a Tinkerbell blanket.
Daisy Duck Pez Dispenser
Daddy and Kayley
Mommy and Kayley
Then it was cupcake time!
Minnie Mouse cupcakes
Then it was bedtime. What a fun day!! This is the next day using the Tinkerbell blanket

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