Sunday, August 08, 2010

McLandborg Carnival Post 2

After the games, it was time for a wagon ride.
Mommy got lunch ready while the kids rode. We had hot dogs, popcorn, fruit, and lemonade.
Everyone took turns saying a prayer if they wanted to.
They each brought 3 of their tickets up to the tent to "buy" their lunch.
Afterwards, the kids were able to get more face painting and tattoos if they wanted to.
Then it was nap time for Kayley and Evan. While they napped, the others ate popcorn and watched TV
Aunt Lola and Pop filling up water balloons
After nap time, it was time for the water portion of the carnival! The kids all turned in their outfits, bags, name tags, and noise makers.
Nana took care of feeding Evan
Waiting for their turn in the water balloon race. Kayley decided she didn't want to do any water games.

"Fill the bucket" race
Obstacle course

Obstacle course-ended with a slip n slide
Kayley spent some time with Nana during the water games

Water balloon fight!
Logan and Ethan squirting the tree
At the end of the carnival, everyone turned in their tickets and got a prize

After baths, Pizza, and ice cream, it was movie time--The Muppet Movie
What a fun day! Logan keeps asking when we can do it again!

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