Saturday, May 22, 2010


Mommy, Logan, and Kayley went to Knoxville a few weeks ago. Daddy drove us half way where we met Grandma and Grandpa at Shoney's for lunch before went with them back to Knoxville.
Logan and Kayley liked going through Grandma's bracelets while she got ready for church on Sunday.

Logan and Kayley went up on the stage with Abbie (Mommy had her in the Pre-K class a few years ago) during singing time before Bible Class

After church, we went to 5 guys (aka the Peanut Place) for lunch

Spiky hair after a bath--looks a lot like Daddy when he was little with spiky hair
Time with Uncle T

Out to eat one night at another peanut place. Logan sat by Grandma of course!

Kayley sat in a booster between Mommy and Uncle T
Monday we went up to the preschool while Grandma got ready for the week. Tuesday the kids were ready to go to school!

Every morning, Logan would unlock the front door for Grandma and then help her unlock all the teacher's classrooms

Kayley did GREAT this time at school. She didn't cry at all the whole week.
Hand prints with Ms. Michelle
Having fun with animals
Helping Ms. Jill bring the DVD player back to the office
Helping Grandma with some important work

Ms. Michelle, Kayley, Ms. Jill
Logan had so much fun this time too. He is laying on the floor playing trains

Nap time in Grandma's office

Letting Ms. Elisabeth cuddle her after a nap

Logan's friend Anders. He had a lot of fun with him.
Kayley sat in this wagon in the hallway after school one day eating a snack

Daily trip to the water fountain
ICEEs every day
Visiting Grandpa at his office
Eating Push-ups at night
Play time with Grandma before bed
Stories with Grandpa
Logan loved playing Play-Doh with Grandma. (Shadow loved trying to eat Play-Doh that fell on the floor!)

Thursday was the spring program. Grandpa came up in the morning to get the sound and video all set up

Mommy was going to take graduation pictures for Grandma so she tried an outfit on Logan first (over his backpack)

Logan and Kayley did SO GREAT at the program. Logan was sitting in the front row. When Kayley went up on stage, Logan yelled, "There's Kayley!" Kayley then pointed and said, "LoLo!!"
Kayley did all the motions to the songs and was super adorable. She had a lot of fun!

Logan had a lot of fun too! He gave everyone a laugh when at the end, he lifted up his hands which lifted his shirt up ---and his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped!

Playing with Uncle T while Mommy and Grandma packed up. They are playing Ant and Ant Eater (Logan's idea)

They loved the wall out back

Playing with Grandma's make-up

We headed back to Richmond Thursday evening. Logan had school Friday morning so Grandma went with Mommy to take him. Kayley and Grandpa hung out while the air guys put in a new air system!
Logan and Kayley missed Daddy so much! Logan wanted Daddy to paint with him on his new table top easel.

Grandma and Logan

We went to eat at TGI Friday's. Kayley was so cute putting her arms around Mommy and Daddy's necks

The kids with Grandma and Grandpa

Sunday morning we went to IHOP before Grandma and Grandpa left to go home. Grandpa showed Logan how to play a game on his phone
We had so much fun on this trip!!!

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