Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Circus

Sunday, April 11th, after church, Mommy and Daddy told Logan and Kayley that we weren't going home...we were going to the circus! Logan's eyes opened really wide and he got super excited! We had to park a little ways away from the coliseum so Kayley hitched a ride on Daddy's shoulders
"Where's the circus?"
Even though we bought tickets that morning, we had pretty good seats!

Eating some lunch before the circus started
A tall box of popcorn + a large ICEE = 2 happy kids
Kayley and Mommy
Intermission after Daddy took them on a walk around the coliseum
Happy girl, even though it was getting near nap time
Logan loved the motorcycle guys!
The elephants were also a big hit with Logan and Kayley
It was a fun time at the circus...not a lot of animals at this one but the kids seemed to enjoy it anyways!
It didn't take long for Kayley to fall asleep on the way home
"Why is my thumb red?!" (He had a red ICEE and then sucked his thumb!)

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