Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Last Thursday, my 'big boy bed' was on our porch when we got home from music class!
I took one last spin around my crib first.
I helped Mommy take my bedding out.
I helped Daddy take my crib apart.
Kayley hung out on the mattress.
I helped Daddy some more.
Then we opened my big boy bed!!
Mommy and I practiced laying on my mattress with a blanket and pillow.  
Daddy needed me to read the directions and tell him what to do.
My new bed, hurray!
I practiced sleeping on my bed.
I helped Daddy move my mattress on.
Then I had to try out my new bed.
Now I have a big boy room!
The next day during my nap I fell halfway out of bed and slept like this for half an hour.
When it isn't time to sleep I get in and out of my bed on my own.  When it is time to sleep, I stand on my bed when I want to get up just like I did in my crib!  
It's been 1 week and I love my big boy bed!

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