Friday, March 12, 2010

Nana and Pop visit/Family Fun Night at Preschool

Nana and Pop came to visit a few weeks ago. Friday morning, Logan and Kayley woke up and Nana and Pop were there! Saturday we went to Five Guys for lunch.
Putting peanuts in ketchup
Having a push-up
Reading with Nana
Pop cooked dinner 2 of the nights!!
Jr. Chefs

Nana got Logan a 150 piece Disney puzzle
Bike ride
Kayley wanted every "baby" and blanket she could see
Logan's preschool had Family Fun Night while Nana and Pop were here
Cookie walk...Logan finally did it when Daddy and Kayley went with him
Logan's classroom from last year...maybe Kayley's next year??
Mrs. LaBella asked what Logan wanted painted on his hand. She showed him a few options. When he saw the heart, he chose that because "hearts make me smile!!"
Kayley had fun playing in the tunnels
Bean bag throw
Kayley tried to walk off with the bucket that held the bean bags!
Logan did soccer with Mrs. Rosenberg
He also did tennis. He was very good at it!
Waiting for Mr. Beatman to sing songs with the kids. Kayley had a cracker snack. Logan and his friends went up front and danced to the songs while Kayley stayed by Nana and Pop and danced.
Logan and Nana
Playing beads with Nana
Pop, Logan, Kayley, and Nana
Mommy and Nana were getting their picture taken together and Logan surprised them by throwing a little snowball at Nana! No, Daddy did not tell him to do it, he did it all on his own!
Out to eat and playing hand games
Kayley decided to try to eat her oranges like this...
Logan was very hungry. He kept asking when his pizza was going to be there. When he got it, he ate it all!

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