Monday, August 27, 2012


Our first true vacation in 10 years and without kids!  We went to the Jewel Dunn's River Resort in Jamaica.   
Michael went scuba diving 2 times. 
At Dolphin Cove-holding birds

Holding an iguana
I wasn't to sure about it, but I managed to hold the iguana without dropping it!

Before swimming with the dolphins
Holding a sting ray

A view of part of the resort from the pool.  We were on the top floor

Beach Party
At dinner one night
"Dive-in" movie at the pool
At Rain Forest Bobsled Jamaica
We went zip-lining there.  Overall, a good experience
Michael rode the bobsled down the mountain and loved it
Dinner on the Pier
Kayaking at the resort
We had so much fun but were ready to come home and see the kids!

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