Monday, August 27, 2012

August Beach Trip

We decided to fit in one last beach trip before we move to Chicago while Grandma was visiting. 
It was rainy when we got there but we decided to go play anyway.
Hunter loved the sand.  He only ate a tiny bit, we were impressed!
I can't figure out how to rotate this now, but here is Grandma playing with Hunter
Logan, Daddy, and Kayley
Michael gets Daddy of the Year award for taking his kids out in the water when it was super rainy.  They loved it.
Mommy and Hunter
We ate lunch under the beach umbrella while it was raining hard.  Hunter kept trying to go out in the rain!
Near the end, we were the only ones on the beach in the rain!

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SouleSista said...

I love looking at all your pics, thanks for posting :)