Monday, August 27, 2012

Logan and Kayley in Tennessee

After Hunter's birthday, Logan and Kayley went back to Tennessee while Mommy and Daddy were in Jamaica.  They played outside with soon-to-be Aunt Jessica
Took some funny pics at the putt putt golf place

Went swimming quite often
Went to Dollywood with "new Ethan that isn't our cousin"

Made play dough 
Went to Pump It Up
Visited Grandpa at work
Met Grandpa for lunch at McDonald's one day
Water place
Chuck E. Cheese
And they did many other things that aren't documented in this blog!
Logan, Jessica, Uncle T, Kayley
Logan came out of Grandma's closet wearing her nightgown one night.  

Giving Bear Blankie a hair cut in her new chair
They had so much fun! Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Jessica, and Uncle T for taking care of them!

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