Saturday, November 20, 2010

Logan's field trip

Logan's class went on a field trip the end of September to Rockwood Nature Center. Mommy was able to go with Logan and his friend Hayden while Hayden's mommy watched Kayley! She took Kayley and Davis to the mall play center. Everyone had a lot of fun. First they sat and learned some things about fall and nature. Logan was very outgoing--raising his hand and answering questions, telling was cute.
One of the "stories" he told was about acorns. He told the lady that he and Daddy picked a lot in the back yard and he and Kayley play with them. They put them in the sandbox and the bucket but it rained one day and they had to dump the bucket out b/c it was full of water. Now they are all over the deck.
Nature hunt
Hayden and Logan
The Nature Center---bees. There is a small tube that leads to outside where the bees can come in and out of.
Afterwards, the class had a snack at the playground and then played for a little while!
Ms Heather met us at the playground and Kayley was very happy she got to play.

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