Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week of Firsts

While Grandma was here, Logan had his first day of school. He had such a great day--so much fun, loves his teachers, and loves having his friends Owen, Addisyn, and Hayden in his class.
When we got home, Grandma started working with Kayley on potty training. She has kind of been training herself but Grandma helped her really get it down! Logan showed her the little potty she was going to be using before we took him to school.

Big girl panties for Kayley!
After a week of working with Grandma, Kayley was pretty much trained! She has an accident occasionally, but she is doing great. We still put her in pull-ups when we go out just in case since she is so young! Thanks Grandma for your patience, attention, and mini-m&ms!

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