Saturday, January 01, 2011

Virginia Beach

Aunt Lola and One Time Blind had a show in Virginia Beach the first weekend of October. Virginia Beach is 2 hours from us so we went there for Saturday and Sunday. So much fun! Logan and Kayley liked sitting at the window and looking at the ocean.
We went down to the beach in the afternoon. Logan and Kayley played in the sand and a little bit in the water.
Aunt Lola and Logan
Burying Daddy's hands
Watching the ocean Sunday morning
Breakfast from Starbucks Sunday morning
Eating breakfast on the beach and playing. We also saw a few dolphins!
We went and changed and came back down to play in the water while Aunt Lola was busy for the morning
Mommy and Kayley running from the waves
Sunday afternoon we all went to the mall before Aunt Lola and everyone had to go to the airport. Mommy got to go shopping with Aunt Lola--which was fun! Kathlene took Logan and Kayley down the escalator which they loved
Watching the water with Kathlene

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