Saturday, January 01, 2011


Logan teaching Kayley her letters as he did a puzzle
Kayley hitching a ride on Logan's back
Chuck E. Cheese--the night we told the kids about the new baby

Logan got a booster seat so Kayley got Logan's car seat . . . waiting on Daddy as he cleaned out the car so he could install the new seats
Trying out the booster seat
Loving her new seat
Kayley's old car seat stayed downstairs for a little while because she always wanted to sit in it while watching TV!
Kayley playing dress-up and trains at the same time!
Addisyn and Camryn came over for a little while one day---watching a TV show
Playing doctor to her baby
Trying to cuddle with her blankets while leaning on a truck
Power Ranger Kayley saves the day and scratches Logan's back
New bed---now Logan and Kayley share a bed, which is great until Logan squishes Kayley into the wall because he wants to sleep so close and play with her hair :)

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