Monday, April 06, 2009

The Library and Sunny Day Fun

Last weekend, Mommy took Logan for his 1st visit to the Library.  He was in heaven!! He would pull out a book and say "This one?!"

Logan got his very own library card
I think we ended up with 28 books! We didn't even make it through half of the kids section but Mommy couldn't carry anymore!
We had a nice sunny/windy day on Sunday.  Kayley tried the sandbox for the 1st time...she liked trying to eat the sand more than playing in it!
Mommy and Logan made a train cake
Kayley loves to suck on oranges--also grapes and strawberries

Finally a windy day so Daddy and Logan flew a kite

Nice day for a bike ride too.  Kayley's first ride.
Logan rode his bike. He has recently learned to peddle and loves to ride his bike.


NANA said...

Yay, Logan!
I'm so proud of you!!

NANA said...

I love the pict of Kayley in her pink hat and outfit, sitting on the front porch!

Kelly Edwards said...

You inspire me with all the cute cakes and things you make with the kids!!! I'm going to attempt a bunny cake this year. We'll see how it goes. Kim got all the creative genes, so I have to force it...ha!