Monday, April 06, 2009


Logan tried the Wii Fit with Mommy
Kayley's room--Mommy and Daddy's walk-in closet!
Mommy and Logan make a snowman cake one day when it was cold
Logan loves to watch DVDs and wear headphones
A few weeks ago we went to the park and had a picnic
Then we played on the playground
Mommy liked being pushed on the swings
We finished the afternoon with a walk
Kayley loves to swing!
Logan being silly
Logan loves to play stickers---that means taking them out of the book and putting them in his school bus and then the ground and back in the school bus again
Future cowgirl
Logan really wanted to try Kayley's  jumper
Mommy made a fire truck for Logan one day while he was at preschool. "Ragland Fire Department--Fireman Logan"
Logan's cubby at school
Family Fun night

Kayley before she could crawl

One day Logan wanted to feed his penguin while Mommy fed Kayley 

Daddy surprised Mommy with a baby giraffe one night. This was Logan's Halloween costume this past year.
Logan decided he needed to wear his sunglasses to play inside one day
Kayley is learning to pull herself up and get down again
Daddy working at home...couldn't get much done until Mommy took Kayley to play!

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