Thursday, September 02, 2010

Grandma's here for a week!

After Kayley's birthday, Grandma stayed with us for a week. We went to Cracker Barrel after church for lunch.
Kayley and Logan liked hiding in the cabinets from Grandma.
Cuddle time with Grandma
Grandma went with Mommy to take Kayley for her 2 year old appointment. Kayley liked reading books with Grandma and cuddling with her after she got her shots.
Grandma took Kayley and Mommy out to eat after the doctor while we were waiting to pick up Logan from summer camp.

Playing with Grandma
Grandma showed Kayley how to cover up with all her blankets like this
Book reading
The park with Grandma

Putting on make-up with Grandma
We had a lot of fun with Grandma here!

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