Friday, September 03, 2010

Family here for the week!

Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle T went back home Sunday morning. The rest of the crew stayed for the week. We spent Sunday-Wednesday morning here and then left to go to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.
Mommy, Aunt Lola, Nana
We went to church Sunday morning. Logan and Ethan were in the same class. Elijah and Kayley were in the same class too.
5 Guys to eat for lunch after church
Sunday was Puppy Brown Ears Ragland's birthday. He wanted a Little Einsteins birthday also. We all sat in the playroom and wore party hats. We sang him Happy Birthday and then Logan opened presents for him that he bought Puppy with his own money!
Evan spent time in the pack n play each day since he is so active! Kayley would visit him:)

Cousins playing
Each night, they would all sit on the air mattresses while they got inflated. Eden, Logan, Evan, Kayley, Ethan, Elijah
Aunt Lola and Kayley
Watching Logan's new movie A Bug's Life
Lots of fun having them here!!

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