Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kayley while Logan was in Knoxville

As hard as it was for Mommy to be without Logan, it was nice to spend some quality time with Kayley. One day, Mommy and Daddy took Kayley shopping with them and then to KFC to get some dinner.
Kayley wore her dress-up shoes and vacuumed with Mommy
Kayley gave her My Little Ponies pony rides in the living room. She carried them under her shirt so they would stay on.
Feeding the ducks
ICEE at Target
Being silly at breakfast

Pretty girl!
Eating Oreos
Putting her ponies to sleep in the barn. Kayley kept saying "Shhh, ponies sleeping."
New My Little Pony movie
New airplane
Playing in the kitchen
The Ice Cream Truck with Daddy
Not happy that Mommy took a picture of her helping to make cookies
Playing with her baby doll
Kayley didn't cry at all when we left Logan. She would just say "Grandpa's house" whenever we mentioned his name! It was weird not having Logan home to help entertain Kayley so the days seemed to go slower at times. But it was a good week spending time with just Kayley.

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