Friday, September 03, 2010

Logan's Family Birthday Party

Friday night, Nana, Pop, Aunt Lola, Eden, Ethan, Elijah, and Evan got in. Logan and Kayley were so excited and had a hard time settling down and going to bed!
Saturday morning, Logan woke up to birthday decorations. He got a Rocket toy with the Little Einsteins in it. A lady at Daddy's work gave it to him because her kids don't use it anymore. Logan and Kayley LOVE it.
Logan decided to put Grandma's eyeshadow on his cheeks when she wasn't looking
Mommy and Daddy took Logan for a special birthday breakfast at McDonald's
The McDonald's we went to had a huge play area
Then we went to Party City to get balloons. Logan picked out 4 balloons for himself: Thomas, CARS, Toy Story, and My Little Pony. He got a balloons with a "4" on it for Kayley and all his cousins.
Kayley and Aunt Lola
Pop took the kids outside so Mommy could get the house ready for the party
They all got a little wet...because Evan was taking a nap in the room with the suitcases in it, they all wore Logan's clothes when they came in!
Party Time!

Kayley cuddled with Uncle T after her nap
When everyone was ready, we watched the video Mommy made for Logan. He wanted it to be a surprise, so he didn't watch any of it until the party.
Present time! Little Einsteins CD
Mickey Mouse fold up race track
A piggy bank from Kayley
Cranky!! (from Thomas)
Toy Story water slide!
Ice Cream play set that he used in Knoxville at the zoo...he (and Grandma) loved playing with it there so she got him one for home :)
Then it was time for pizza
Mommy and Evan
Picture time!! Grandpa, Grandma, Nana, Pop, Logan
It was hard getting all 6 kids to look at the same time to get a picture! Kayley, Mommy, Pop, Evan, Nana, Elijah, Aunt Lola, Ethan, Eden, Logan
Logan had a fun day. Thanks everyone for coming for Logan's birthday. The house was crowded but we are glad you all came!

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