Friday, September 03, 2010

Logan's Birthday Party for Friends

On Friday, August 20th, we had a friend birthday party for Logan at the park. It was a Little Einsteins themed party. To get ready for the party, Logan helped make the goody bags.
Kayley helped Mommy and Logan tear up bread to feed the ducks
We made cupcakes--chocolate cupcakes with red frosting because Rocket on Little Einsteins is red.
Friday morning, we got to the park and decorated. Daddy took the day off and Grandma and Uncle T came with us.
When all Logan's friends were there, we played on the playground.
Then it was cupcake time
Game time: Grandma ran the games for Mommy so she could take pictures and enjoy the party more! First was "Put the treasure box on the X" game
Next was the game Drop the Clothespin in the Vase
Present time! Again, Grandma helped out so Mommy could watch Logan and take pictures. He got so many fun presents. Thanks everyone!

Last was feeding the ducks. We did not play the game that Logan wanted to play--"See who can feed the ducks the fastest!"

Going on the boat dock with Daddy before handing out goody bags and saying bye to all his friends.
It was a fun morning. Thanks Grandma for all the help. Thanks Uncle T for taking care of Kayley so Mommy and Daddy could run the party!

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