Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A week with family

Aunt Lola, Eden, and Ethan came to visit a few weeks ago. We had so much fun.

Ethan and I wanted Eden's food all of the time.

I decided that I didn't really like baby food anymore and prefered to eat finger foods like Ethan. Here I am eating my turkey and cheese.

Bathtime--Ethan and I liked watching the water fill up. I thought the bath was fun for about a minute and then cried and wanted to get out.

I surprised Mommy and Daddy by loving the pool.

We went to the Richmond Zoo. Daddy is helping Eden feed the giraffes. She thought that was a lot of fun.

While we were eating lunch, a chicken came by and pecked a piece of my sandwich from my hand!

I had so much fun playing with my cousins. I can't wait until I see them again!

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Pop-a-rotsi said...

One is great, two is fantastic and three is out of this world.... two boys and a girl..on their way to terrorize the Ragland's and the McCullough's...with the help of all of the grandparents...and we will love every second of it.

Alway ready to help you out kiddo's