Saturday, November 10, 2007

September and October

Mommy finally unpacked her hospital bag and look what she twin brother.
Here I am with my cousins.

We went to visit Mommy's relatives at their farm.

We made applebutter. I liked the apples.

We helped stir the applebutter.

On your mark, get set.....MOW.

Daddy said I only won cause I cheated so we switched and raced again...I'm still winning.

We placed second in the four legged mow.

I got to try my first Krispy Kreme. It was so yummy! No wonder Mommy eats them all the time.
Daddy was snoring when he went to sleep so I found a way to keep him quiet.

I've been working out around the house. Only 364 more days till hockey tryouts.

Mommy grabbed the giraffe's tongue and wouldn't let go till it promised to give me a ride.

Look who is showing off their feathers. There is also a peacock.

I learned how to make salmonella from Grandma.

Mommy got tired of changing my diapers so I got a litter box.

We went to a pumpkin patch and this is the pumpkin I picked out.

Mommy let me help carve the pumpkin. It was neat.

Why do people keep telling me I look like Nana?


laura said...

very nice. i love all the pictures! and the captions, of course. he's getting so big. love.

Nicole said...

Mandy!!!!! Margaret and Rachel were here for Thanksgiving and we started talking about all the fun blogs we read. When I went to check yours out.. I saw there was a link to us! NO WAY!

Logan is adoreable!!!! It will be fun to read up on all his happenings and your adventures as parents...

keep in touch

Nicole and fam~