Monday, November 02, 2009

Trip to Michigan-Post #4

Friday, the Power Rangers were at Nana and Pop's house...Logan, Eden, and Ethan
Logan LOVED riding bikes in the basement. He was tall enough this trip and could reach the peddles
Kayley liked baby Evan
Wagon ride time. Each kid got a turn to ride up front with Pop around the yard. Logan is in the blue coat and Kayley is on Ryan's lap.
"Like my hat?" (a bowl on his head)
Saturday morning we got up and got ready to go to Aunt Judy's house for Apple Butter. Kayley wasn't happy that Mommy couldn't hold her while she got ready and was crying super hard....until cousin Kelly picked her up :)
Seeing the horse at Aunt Judy's
Logan loved the tractor
Peeling and cutting up apples
Logan giving Kayley a ride
Sitting by the fire with Pop
"Aren't I cute?"
Lunch time-Logan and Eden
All the kids loved the merry-go-round
Mommy and her cousin Hannah...don't they look alike?!
Logan helping Pop stir the apple butter. "It's too hot!"
Mommy had a turn. Kayley didn't because Uncle Ryan took her and Elijah back to Nana and Pop's house for naps. Thanks Uncle Ryan!
Then Logan found this bike
"Sassy" and Mommy trying the apple butter.
Eden and Logan on the horse
Ethan and Logan
Even Mommy got a turn!
Logan helped brush him when they were done

Pop is in the camo hat checking the apple butter

Aunt Betty, the official taste tester
Canning the apple butter
Finished product

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